Are you just too nice?

Are you just too nice?

Being nice is a virtue, it makes life nicer, but if it goes too far it can make your life difficult.

It’s nice to be nice the saying goes. It makes life easier and what’s the point of being mean to people anyway? Have you ever asked yourself however if you might just be a bit too pleasant? Have a little think about the things you do, and you might find the answer.

Do you find yourself apologizing for things that are not your fault? In fact, you could make yourself look guilty at times when you actually are not. It’s often a reflex reaction, but take a second to think, is this my fault or not?

Is your workload way too heavy? Is it the case that people see you as the person to turn to if they need something done? That’s great, but not if it goes too far. If you find that you are taking on more than you can handle to help people out, all the time, it’s time to bring it back into line. The fact is that not everyone is as appreciative as you might be and some in fact take advantage.

In addition to helping people out all the the time, do you find it hard to ask for a favour when you need one? Some people find it much harder to give than to take, which makes them truly amazing people, but also more stressed out and tired. Put out your hand from time to time, if you are that nice, you deserve it.

It’s wonderful to be a person that people can turn to, but if it’s the case that everyone dumps their life’s problems on you constantly, then you may need to get some of your personal space back. Being a good person is probably the best bet for a happy life in the long run, but make sure that it does not become all that you do. Then you can enjoy being the good guy, and have a life of your own.


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