Are you depressed or just tired?

Are you depressed or just tired?

Such is the craziness of our lives these days, we carry on when we are tired much more than we should. So where do we draw then line and say enough is enough, is it when being tired turns to being depressed? Can that actually happen?

When it comes to being tired and being depressed there is a viscous cycle in motion and many women don’t realise this until they are right in the thick of it. You carry on when you know you should not every day and eventually it all piles up and falls down in a heap. At least this is the story for some women who have come out worst from ignoring when they are tired.  Women have many good reasons for ignoring fatigue too, the amount of obligations and pressures they face sometimes can force them to keep going, even against their body’s will.

The trouble is that being too tired can actually help symptoms of depression to strike. Both issues seem to fuel each other. In fact, patients presenting with fatigue are three times more likely to get depressed, so the connection is real. A build up of tiredness over time can actually have an effect on the chemistry of the brain and as we all know, a chemical imbalance can lead to that dreaded depression. Hormone levels begin to drop and cognitive functions are not as sharp too, compounding the damage (as if we didn’t know that).

Being tired is probably a part of life for all of us, but we need to turn off from time to time, even for the sake of our brain. So get some more zzs in if you possibly can, you will function better, look better, and protect that vital organ that keeps your body and your spirits in check – that amazing brain of yours.



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