Are women bossier than men?

Are women bossier than men?

Would you consider yourself to be bossy? Probably not, but as a woman, you may hear yourself referred to in this way quite often. According to women like Cheryl Sandberg, this is just not on.

Ever hear your male counterparts being called bossy? Chances are you don’t. This is a term that applies mostly to women, and a few prominent women have actually set up a campaign to cut it out.

Cheryl Sandberg is campaigning for an end to girls and women being called bossy via a non-profit she runs. She believes that the word sends a message to girls that speaking up and raising your concerns is a negative thing. Men do so all the time, yet conversely are called assertive or leaders when they do so.

Being told not to be bossy starts as a child and by the time many girls hit their teens, they have some notion that it’s just not the way to be. In order to come across as an agreable person, being bossy should not be part of the package.

Celebs like Jennifer Garner and Beyoncé have been getting in on the act too, endorsing the campaign. Whether or not the push to ban the b word takes off, if it gets people thinking about how we use the word that can only be a good thing. Words like bossy have a very slow and insidious effect. Girls learn to shy away from being called so and avoid the actions that lead people to give them that label. Women young and old need to get the message that bringing your point of view to the table and saying no when you don’t agree is not only ok, it’s good. If we are to keep balance and equity in the world, our voices must be heard, that’s not just fair, it’s common sense.

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