Aluminium foil – who would have thought!

Aluminium foil – who would have thought!

Now we all know that aluminium foil is handy to have and is an essential for cooking. Did you know however, that this household staple has a multitude of other uses?

That moment when you are getting a new toy ready to play with, and a little someone is waiting in anticipation. You open up the battery compartment and it turns out you need AA batteries. Whilst you have a box filled with AAA batteries, you don’t have the bigger ones. Well, you need no longer listen to the wails of despair, simply grab the smaller batteries, pop them in and add a little ball of foil to fill the gap that the battery does not fill. Voila – instant battery power!

If you put a lining of foil under your clothes as you iron them, they will de-crease on the back as you iron on one side. One-sided ironing = half the time spent at this dreaded chore.

A ball of foil in your dryer is a veritable dryer sheet, removing the annoying static that builds up.

When you are frying and there is too much grease, you usually grab a bowl to dispose of it. Why struggle to remove the grease from your bowl afterwards? Simply make a makeshift bowl from alu foil, pour in the excess grease and scrunch it up for disposal in the bin.

Home renovations on the go? Aluminim foil can make them easier too. It’s a great material to cover door handles with when painting, so no more grappling with tape. If you slide a sheet or two under your heavy furniture, you will find sliding it around is a lot easier too.

There is much more to that roll of foil than you imagined, so pull out that roll and use your imagination.

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