Adults need to play too

Adults need to play too

As parents or childminders, it’s often a relief when the kids play. When they are amused, you get to get things done. Did you know that you should actually take some time out to play too?

Play is not just for kids, it also has some important benefits for adults, and they include relieving stress and brain exercise.

First and foremost, play gets those endorphins going, bringing stress and pain relief benefits. It’s amazing how good it is to abandon the daily to do list and just have fun.

Playing those games on your iPad are not a waste of time (unless you do it all day). By straining your brain with sudoku or other games that make you think, you can improve your brain function. Play with family or friends also build bonds and reduces stress.

Aside from boosting your brain and your mood, play allows you to learn something. Not only that, but because you are learning in a way that is fun, you will absorb information better and learn faster.

Being a more playful person in general helps to diffuse stress, and potential conflict situations. Bring a little air of playfulness to home or work relationships and make things run more smoothly than you expected.

Play, it turns out, is not just for kids. It’s a viable way to boost good feeling, energy, and your health. It has bond building benefits and can even boost your social standing in some respects. It’s time we took a leaf out of the kid’s book. When the kids are at play, take the time to observe and to learn how to return to this happy state. By joining in this state of happiness and learning, we have a lot to gain. If you can manage it next time they play, rather than running off to get that wash going, or grabbing the vacuum cleaner, join in, or get going on a new puzzle and play your way to a new you.


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