3 golden tips to help with buying art – Catriona Black

3 golden tips to help with buying art – Catriona Black


If you’re like me, you love art. You adore it. You see your future house with great portraits hanging from the walls. It looks grand and lovely. If you’re also like me, then as much as you love it, you know nothing about it which is why this video precisely what you need!


In this week episode of Word Up! flamboyant and creative artist, Catriona Black, talks passionately about her love of art. This talented woman has not only written and illustrated books AND been an art critic, AND now has her own art creation company, but is also one of the few people around who still speak Gaelic.

Enough already, let’s get back the art.

Catriona’s company, Black Prints, creates hand made art using lino cutting techniques, among others. If you’re looking for a real piece of personalised art, uniquely made for you then Catriona’s Black Prints are exactly what you need.

As with every episode of Word Up! our small business owners give 3 golden tips. This week, Catriona gives us 3 golden tips to help with buying art. Get your pen and paper ready, because these ones are pretty good!


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