Hacks for moving house

Hacks for moving house

Moving house is an exciting, terrifying and draining experience all at the same time. When it comes to life’s more stressful stages, it’s right up there with divorce and starting a new job.

Is it possible to make moving house less of a gargantuan task? It is actually. A few simple hacks can take at least some of the hassle out of the process.

One of the best places to start packing when moving house is with the kitchen. Fitting all of those cooking bits and pieces into boxes and preventing breakages is more work that throwing in clothes and shoes, so get a head start.

It may seem like a good idea to clean up as you go, but that’s pretty much a waste of time. You are moving so many boxes and other items around, it’s all bound to get dirty again. You could even get someone in to do a thorough clean after you have gone. The cost of that will be well worth the frayed nerves you don’t get from cleaning it yourself, whilst trying to move out.

You can also take care of the smaller, more delicate things yourself. Moving companies can break things from time to time, so if there are articles that need extra care, bring them yourself and save yourself the stress of wondering how they have fared on their journey.

Get help, without the guilt. Moving house is heavy work and any friends or family who are chipping in will have a big job on their hands. Feed and water them well and show your appreciation.

When you get there you will be exhausted and sleep is vital. You may even need to turn up at work again pretty soon, so you need to recuperate. Have the basics for your kitchen easily accessible and make sure that the bedroom items are one of the first things you unpack. Don’t decide to dig out the bed clothes the night after a long day of hauling things around. Have your haven ready.

Trying to hold onto any semblance of normal life is a challenge when moving house, but if you are clever in how you pack and in what you have at your disposal when you arrive in your new home, it will certainly help.


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