Homeschooling – what does it involve?

Homeschooling – what does it involve?

Homeschooling is an option that many mums don’t think to consider. It is a great opportunity to channel her energy, talent, and skills into her life’s greatest pursuit, nurturing her children, but it does represent a complete change of lifestyle.

Homeschooling often warrants a departure from the world of work and earning money, but by no means does this mean mums won’t be busy. There’s quite a lot to do, planning units, studying curriculum, exploring museums, and much more.

For mothers in search of a better work‑life balance, homeschooling could be just the thing to do, as there are a number of benefits you simply wouldn’t think of.

Regular school means that to a certain extent, you run your life around the school calendar. Life often gets messy on school holidays as you try to juggle school collections when you need to be in work. Life is certainly a mix of moving parts for most of the kid’s school time. If you homeschool however, you have total control over your schedule.

The kids get a lot more time with mum and have your attention whenever they want it, rather than outside of school or work time. Kids who have more choices about how to learn and have access to their parents are said to feel more secure, which is great for their development.

Homeschooling also lets you to work throughout the day. Online, people will perceive that you’re working full time, and you can make up for anything you missed after the kids go to bed.

Guilt is a common problem for many working parents. But you don’t have that when you’re home with their kids all the time and if you take an hour for a conference call, it’s much easier, as you haven’t already been away from them all day.

If you have the ability to homeschool, and can afford to it sounds like a great option. Be sure that you will be busy however, albeit with doing other things than running in and out of the office. For some it might not work, but for others, it could be the change they have been looking for.


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